Registration Fee
Non-refundable $115.00 for the first child and $95.00 for each additional child enrolling.
Tuition                                                             Year                       Month
2 Mornings a week                                        $2,350.00              $235.00 
3 Mornings a week                                        $2,950.00              $295.00
2 Mornings & 3 afternoons                           $4,550.00              $455.00
5 Mornings & 3 afternoons                           $5,700.00              $570.00
5 Mornings a week                                        $3,950.00              $395.00
5 Mornings(Preppy-K) & 4 afternoon          $5,950.00              $595.00
3 Mornings & 4 afternoon Preppy-K           $5,450.00              $545.00
2 Mornings & 4 afternoon Preppy-K           $5,200.00              $520.00
There is a 5% discount for each child when families enroll more than one child during the school year.  Annual tuition may be paid in full, or in ten monthly payments.  The first payment is due August 1st and the second is due in September on the child’s first day of preschool.  All other tuition payments are due the first of each month, unless other arrangements are made, with your final payment due May 1.  Payment schedules are available upon request.  There are NO refunds or credits for absences or holidays.  a two week notice is required if a child is withdrawn during the school year.
Extended Day Fees
$10.00 an hour/ $5.00 half hour
Please purchase an Extended Day Card ahead of time at $70.00 for seven hours.  Time is marked off as it is used.  We offer Lunch Bunch for children enrolled in our afternoon program, if space is available. A child can come to preschool at 11:30, eat lunch, play, and then attend their afternoon class.  Please purchase a Lunch Bunch Card ahead of time at $70.00.  Time is marked off as it is used.